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Laying Hens

All of our hens are either a heritage breed or listed as rare. We have a few roosters that we keep with our hens that are used for breeding and some of our hens are a mix of these or a pure breeds depending on the type. 

A trio of buff orpington chickens.jpg
Easter Egger Pullet
Light Brahma Pullets
Health & Diet


We maintain a closed flock. We let them free range within our chicken yard and they have many opportunities that most birds don't all without the threat of predators and diseases. You can say they are pretty content birds. We are Pullorum-Typhoid tested free flock and will provide certificates upon request.


We only feed the highest quality feeds and supplement with high protein treats such as mealworms and crickets. Their diet is also supplemented with fresh fruit and vegetables and seasonal favorites like pumpkin and watermelon. 

Pesticide and Hormone Free


We do not use any harmful pesticides near or in the chicken yard. We do maintain control over pests with natural and bird safe remedies that include vinegar, diatomaceous earth and natural pyrethrins. 

We do not inject our birds with hormones of any kind and we do not suppplement with fillers to bulk them up.



All of our birds are of good laying quality and come from or are hatched by us from lines that are free from in-breeding and commercial manipulation, so they may have the most natural chance of growing to the size and shape of their breed standard. 


Some of our Current Chicks and Juveniles

Welsummers, Dominiques, Silver Laced Wyandotte, French Black Copper Marans,

New Hampshire Red, Partridge Cochin, Buff Orpington, Speckled Sussex, Buckeye,

Columbian Wyandotte, Silkies in Black, Blue, White and Buff, Easter Egger-Olive and Blue, And more hatching every season!

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